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Country Pines Tree Farm is a local family-run farm owned & operated by the Kisiloski family.

We started planting trees in 1993 on our 8 acres of farm land in Tyndall, Manitoba. We have about 1,000 trees per acre and the land has great soil conditions—mainly loam—which, when spaded, you get to take a piece of our farm along with the tree you choose.

When we sell a tree, either for landscaping or for Christmas, we plant another tree on its spot the following spring, so there’s always a tree growing!

As members of the Manitoba Christmas Tree Growers Association, our family is actively working with better ways to grow and promote a real Christmas Tree for you home, as well as treeing Manitoba yard sites and shelterbelts with landscape trees as a renewable resource.

With 1,000 trees per acre, we have a great selection of beautiful trees. We do our best to help out the environment. We do not receive any carbon credits for our farm, so we rely on your support.

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